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us on. not seeming to understand what it is that built up america's economic system. the free enterprise principles, the shrinkage of government, not the expansion, to allow the private sector to grow and to thrive. and to do what it does best. and our families, to keep more of what they earn so they can reinvest and prioritize instead of government doing it for them. which is a step toward socialism. so some of the steps we're taking economically right now, scare the heck out of me. bill: do you think he's smart? >> i think he's very smart. boeup -- bill: on sneft do you think -- honest? do you think he's honest? >> he has told us some things in the campaign. he has told us some things early on in his presidency that have not come to fruition. he was all about positive change. and i and i think a lot of americans are believing that the change that he's ushering in isn't necessarily positive. bill: a lot of people are very nervous about him now. he's not having a good time in the white house now. you pointed out his lack of experience. you don't have that much experience. you
health care, taxes, and government, something started happening across america. ordinary americans gathered at tea parties, saying, listen to us. [cheers and applause] >> i am here because i am glad to see these people come out on their own, without celebrities, getting them to tell the government to back down. >> you work for us. you work for us. >> we don't need the government to run health care. the government cannot run itself. greta: americans took their concerns and sometimes even their anger town halls. politicians were forced to look voters in the eye and listen to what they had to say. >> you work for us. we don't care what you say. >> i don't understand your mentality. what do you think you accomplish by yelling? what do you accomplish by yelling? >> three times your average wages and will double and triple and quadruple your premiums. greta: american spoke out and we were listening. you will go to tea parties and see the passion that town halls. you will hear from average citizens involved in the confrontations and controversies. you get a behind-the-scenes look at the t
.d. america"? he sat in that church for 20 years. it still amazes me that that was not a bigger issue in the campaign. >> it should of been a bigger issue because i think it was indicative of some of the "tolerance" of the candidate in terms of hearing a message and being fed things that are not good for our country. sean: is the president more radical than he let on? do you think the president is radical? >> i will not hesitate that his associates have been extremely radical. we've seen that in some of the appointments that he has made. again, i think it is unfair to the electorate for a candidate or a campaign to hesitate in calling someone out on what the record really represents. greta: governor palin drew huge crowds during the campaign and guess what, she is doing it again. people are lining up to see the governor. our record producer is in michigan, where governor palin launched her book tour today. >> we are on location in grand rapids, where thousands of people as early as 9:00 p.m. last night stood on line to get their copy of "going rogue." >> i waited all day to get them.
're showing your independence, this is what america needs to see, and it was a good interview. and i'm thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was, because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> and what about levi johnston, the father of her grandson, tripp? oprah wanted to know. >> one final question about levi -- will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? >> you know, that's a great question. it's lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing, because of course he is a part of the family, and you want to bring him into the fold and kind of under your wing, and he needs that, too, oprah. he needs to know that he is loved, and he has the most beautiful child. and this can all work out for good, it really kcht we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. we're not really into the drama. we don't really like that. we're more productive. we have other things to concentrate on and -- >> is that yes, he is coming, or, no, he's not? greta: former white house press secretary dana perino joins
size of government, something happened all across america. ordinary americans gathered in tea parties saying listen to us. [cheers and applause] >> i'm here because i'm glad to see these people come out on their own, without politicians or celebrities, getting them to tell the government to back down. [ chanting ] "you work for us. you work for us." >> let's focus on that. we don't need the government to run healthcare. the government can't even run itself. >> other americans took their concerns and sometimes even their anger to town halls, politicians looked voters in the eye and listened to what they had to say. >> you work for us. you are a representative of us. we don't care what you are saying. >> i don't understand your mentality, what do you think you accomplish by yelling? what do you accomplish by yelling? >> healthcare is three times your average wages and will double, triple and even quadruple your premiums. >> americans spoke out, and we were listening. in the next hour you will go to tea parties and see the passionate town halls, you will see average citizens involved in
of those freedoms, have to be held back because you have that responsibility to keep america safe, and in this case, it is apparent or at least pretty apparent that hasan crossed the lines, but he never triggered anyone to call him out on it. greta: and tonight, 13 are dead. >> that is right. greta: congressman, thank you. i am sure we will hear more about it in the coming weeks, and we will learn more about more emails. thank you, sir. up next, the nation is waiting, and understandably, many veterans are on edge. when will the president to decide about afghanistan? we have new information for you. ambassador bolton is next. and steve moore shows up tonight. you do not want waistbands tugg. ready to hold your breath. (announcer) we understand. you need to save money. greta: president obama holds a meeting with his high-level advisers about afghanistan, and according to the associated press, the president rejected all of the options. meanwhile, it was reported that the u.s. ambassador in afghanistan has reservations about a troop surge because he has so many considerations about ha
leader for america. >> thank you, guys. >> everybody about her is what we believe in in america. >> she's a real person with real values. it's what the country needs to get back to. >> my book is dedicated to good americans like all of you, hard-working, patic americans. i thank you for the support very much. >> i think she's a phenomenal woman and a great role model for my daughters, and i like her thought process and what she believes in in america. i think she kind of has the wrong stuff written about her in the past, and we're here to support her. >> she speaks for us, and we love her and we want to show our support for her. ♪ >> i think the country is going in the wrong direction right now, and i think sarah palin is the person to get us on the right track. ♪ >> i'm excited about sarah palin. she's a great leader. she stands up for what she believes and she's not afraid to do it. ♪ >> we feel like sarah palin is a person just like one of us, and she understands our conservative values and can get the country back in the right direction. >> this has been a real thrill. it's ju
, which is appropriate in america, and then they discovered they had been given that information, that they had done far better in his key county than they had been told, and now the vote has gotten down to about 3000 votes. there are over 10,000 absentee votes outstanding. it is. owens -- it is probable that owens, the democrats, will end up winning, and we could end up with someone in office and should not be there, and i think doug hoffman had campaigned against a major issue. had he been elected, that margin would have been even closer than it was, and i think it will be very interesting to see if one week from now, we suddenly decide we have a different congressman than we thought. it is not clear yet, but hoffman is getting more votes, and as the absentee votes come in, it keeps getting there are more and their work, so people should stay tuned in -- it keeps getting narrower and narrower. greta: i recognize that the conservative candidate conceded, but he was not certified, and in a rush to jam this down our throats, the speaker of the house every other democratic member o
that america promises. thank you. shepard: jon corzine, the now defeated, fox news projects, governor, beaten by chris christie. his administration was mired in problems. it all came down tonight to a loss in the state of new jersey. shannon bream has been covering the campaign. she is there tonight. shannon, they all seem pretty upbeat tonight, despite all. >> the governor came out and took the stage. the folks are so supportive, and they did not get the results they want to tonight, but they wanted to be supportive. they were very gracious chris christie is now the governor elect -- they were very gracious. chris christie is now the governor elect. he said that chris christie had been very gracious to him, as well, and governor corzine had a lot of thanks for people and was very humbled. he may be retiring from the official politics, but he urged folks to keep moving forward with the democratic agenda and not to be discouraged. shep? shepard: shannon bream, thank you. , bret baier, to you. >> -- bret baier, to you. bret: democrats bill owens leads doug hoffman, but that could change. and th
the campaign upside down? president obama's campaign @ >> from america's news headquarters, we are following a developing story right now. ships of north and south korean navy's have fired upon one another. it is occurring off the western coast of the caribbean peninsula. in north korean vessel was fired on when it crossed a demarcation line. a north korean ship fired back. no word yet on the injuries. there were two deadly encounters since 1999. -- it was during -- on the coast of the yellow sea not the caribbean sea. tehran may put some on trial. the california college graduates were just sightseeing. is serving a life sentence. now, back to greta. greta: pres. the obama campaign -- campaign manager has a brand new book, the audacity to win. he went on the record in philadelphia. a great new book. was it fun to write? >> it was. it was a great story. we have these great staffs. so what was wonderful to go back and recreate. it was a reminder of how difficult this was in the beginning. it was an improbable journey, and we did a lot of things right. the mythology is that things pretty easy a
the country. america's election headquarters starts right now. greta: this is a special election night edition of "on the record." it is a stunner in virginia. the democrats just got a smack down, virginia voters saying no to the democrats. this time they want a republican governor. meanwhile, in new jersey it is a cliff-hanger. at this hour votes are still being counted. will new jersey return democratic governor jon corzine to the governor's madges -- mansion? are they likewise going to say we want a new guy, a republican? it is very close. carl cameron in virginia, shannon big red machine in new jersey, eric shawn in new york city and molly line live in upstate new york where a congressional seat has pitted some of the biggest names in politics against each other, gingrich, palin, rush limbaugh and more. brit hume and his pan elve will tell you why this election matters to you even if you don't live in these hotly contested states the first to shep, watching the vote count. shepard: first two of the big elve -- biggest races, virginia and new jersey. new jersey is still too close to call. i
on garbage cans, letting their neighbors know it is safe to come out. that loving america is legal again. [laughter] and i love america. oh, and, greta, you can rearrange the letters of your name to spell agreat, and it wasa great great night for a great nation. [laughter] >> sarah palin and rush limbaugh backed the conservative candidate. as the conservative least up to the gop, dede scozzafava. >> i would rather not. >> why not? >> because it is just not important. greta: yes, we can take a joke, and it is an was funny, and we are closing down shop. thank you for being with us. do not forget to go to gretawire.com. we are all headed there to the forum. "the o'reilly factor" is next. good night from washington, d.c.. : "the o'reilly factis
at this. vodka is involved, but not the way you would think. >> , americas news headquarters, i am ainsley earhardt -- from america's news headquarters. some people could get some more federal jobless aid. the $8,000 first-time homebuyer credit is expected to get quick re-approval. investigators today fighting a skull in the bucket of the basement of one man. they are now looking for evidence of bodies. the man, 50-year-old anthony sowell, could face the death penalty if convicted. i am ainsley earhardt. we now return to "on the record with greta van susteren." check out our website. have a great evening. greta: is there life after death? can you prove it? our next guests says yes, and he is the author of a brand new book, "life after death -- the evidence." is there life after death? >> i think there is. in this book, i said let's look at the empirical evidence. let's look at historical, philosophical, scientific evidence, and that is the good line. there is depriving proof that there is life after death. -- there is proof that there is life after death. i do not claim to have interviewed
, but there is a deeper level of mistrust and suspicion about america's intentions that have built up over the last 80 years. when we came into office, we looked at the research -- over the last eight years. we have a common threat that we have to pursue together, but there was not the understanding that we wanted. i would not just talk to government officials, as important as that is, but get out into different settings, business groups, and really listen to people, and they said to me very clearly, "look, we have a trust deficit with you," and i said that was a two-way street. we maybe have not always done as well as we could in our relationship, but people back home want to know, well, why does al qaeda have a safe haven in pakistan? how can we arrest someone and find that he was trained by someone in a training camp in pakistan? i think that is the kind of relationship we need to have. we are impressed with the campaign the military is running against the pakistan taliban here and in south waziristan, but our common to our friends in pakistan is that that is an important and necessary step for you
to retreat and build the ever, ever, ever-growing government. that is not the vision for america. we want an activist america to keep our country safe by being a leader in the free world and that means to go out to the enemy, who has attacked us. they were in afghanistan and continue to be in afghanistan and pakistan. we have to keep them on the defensive instead of giving them the opportunity to regroup. shannon: congressman, there is an immense price tag for this war. your colleagues have mentioned a war tax. are you behind that idea? >> i am against further taxes to pay for this war. i think it has to be pointed out, this is not a left-right issue. here is the cato institute, harvard wrote an article about "escaping the graveyard empire's." they have a plan that gets us out of afghanistan with advisers and a new approach to intelligence and a new drug policy. this is not a left and right issue. our country is on the line. we have the middle class getting destroyed. the bureaucracy is not holding it up. it is the defense department. we cannot keep paying for the wars. the bank is alread
. we have to ramp up industry here in america and, of course, reduce the federal debt. >> vice president biden chided you saying it's a little bit more complicated, governor palin, than drill, baby drill, which is one of your chapter titles. what's complicated about drilling for oil? >> exactly. what is complicated by tapping into abundant, safe, domestic supplies that could provide stability for our country and security for our country? i know alaska has billions of barrels of oil under foot. and we have the -- we have the natural gas that's waiting to be tapped, too. and other states do, too. it's not that complicated. it's political. and that's what is the -- that's what the shame is in this is that for political reasons we're not allowing to cap these domestic supplies. >> what are your thoughts on the congressional health care reform bills going through the house and the senate? >> >> we don't really know, do we what's in that senate version, the senate consideration. it will be soon. >> we have no idea of cost. we have no insured. tax funding of abortions will be in this
the american people will not be denied. america's future begins with us, madam speaker, throw out this bill. >> republican congressman tom price is also a doctor as you just heard he calls the democrats's health care bill legislative malpractice. dr. pryce joins us live. nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> republicans have proposed, will it cover -- how many people will it cover? do you have any idea? whampleght it does is address the cost issue. we believe if you bring down costs significantly can you increase the number of folks covered. we also increase competition so you also bring down costs. we allow folks to pool together with the purchasing power of millions so you cover those folks with preexisting illnesses or irrelevancy j. those are the things the american people care about. gretchen: as a practicing doctor, what were the problems you had that we sort of need to remedy with this. >> preexisting, i mentioned. you ought not lose your insurance if you change your job or lose your job. >> is that fixed of in the bill. >> we believe it is by cost. if you have
to colleagues at fort reed back in june of 2007. it talks about the muslims in america and in the armed forces. then more dauntingly talks about concepts like jihad and holy war and clues to muslims who might want to get out of the military. les they call adverse consequences or dire consequences. greta: you can report on i didn't jihad and discuss them and be non-inflammatory or something amiss. did the people in the room, at the presentation, did they find it in any way suspicious? >> the post reporting bears out that some the senior doctors in the room were a little unsettled by this presentation because it was supposed to be on a medical topic of the doctor's choosing. instead he launched into an exploration of the in britain, canada, and the united states in the past. greta: i know you are just reporting the facts. i'm not going to put you on the spot. all these things are soin credibly -- i mine, when you see these things and look at them. they are startling that no one seems to have done anything. no one seems to have -- is there anywhere in your reporting that anyone in the military th
's happened to people in one town. but the story gets so much worse. >> you are watching america's news headquarters. a hamas is that the shooter had been affected by people in pakistan. -- the fort hood shooter might have been contacted by people in pakistan. he has been the charge with 14 counts of premeditated murder. he might be permanently paralyzed from the waist down. six deaths blamed on a nor'easter born from the remnants of tropical storm ida. it has been battering the coast for three days now causing flooding and lots of damage. it will remain a threat to new jersey coastal communities through high tide on saturday morning. r private property, taken from you for, quote, economic development. well, it happened in new london, connecticut, and the supreme court ruled the government could seize people's hopes and property in new london to make way for businesses. the plan was supposed to create new jobs and prosperity in the city. but now it turns out -- well, i'll let steve moore tell you. he's a senior economic writer for the "wall street journal." >> what a story. greta: what
actions, so i think the american people think that the number one responsibility is to keep america safe. the number two responsibility is to create jobs. he is dithering on one, and on afghanistan, he is not getting it done, so i think those are the drivers. african americans are proud of having an african-american president, so they are going to stay with him longer, but other voters are more likely to be driven by what is actually happening on the issues. greta: all right, tuesday night, we expect a speech from the president. he is going to address us from a military school. >> he was at 56% approval on afghanistan, and today, as at 55% disapproval, so it has flipped. -- it is at 55% disapproval. he is not moving decisively and providing the necessary leadership in the war. what is interesting to me is 49% of the american people are in favor of sending additional troops, and, in fact, if you take a look at it, there are more people who approve of sending more additional troops then approve of president obama's perform its on afghanistan -- than approve of president obama's performance
wall, and america's money. >>, and always has the best scoops. we are closing down shop. finally. we know you love and miss our late colleague tony snow as much as we do. the get your rear in gear and events happening in alexandria tomorrow, in addition to a 5k race, there is a race in honor of tony. the event is to raise awareness of colon cancer. thank you for being with us tonight. we will see you again monday. don't forget to go to gretawire.com. check out the features and the green ovalat
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)